Premier Rental Equipment Company’s Evolution in the Construction Industry – A Success Story2024-05-09T15:47:13-04:00

Premier Rental Equipment Company‘s Evolution in the Construction Industry – A Success Story  



A leading rental equipment company, dedicated to providing contractors with reliable equipment for construction projects, recently launched a new business division focusing on small tool rentals. Their focus was to build brand awareness of their new branch, position themselves as the optimal choice for small tool rentals, and generate leads for this new division. As their trusted B2B partner, our mission was to facilitate the successful launch of this endeavor. 

Our Objectives:

Create awareness of their new business division 

Position the company as the premier choice for small tool rentals 

Generate leads for potential B2B business partnerships 


We leveraged our audience of leaders in the construction industry—leaders that engage with our authoritative brands in construction. Renowned as the go-to source for industry news and intelligence, we maintain trusted relationships with executives in the construction industry across multiple channels. We launched an omni-channel marketing strategy to help our client achieve these objectives. This strategy included print, digital display, email marketing, and search engine marketing. These tactics combined ensured we were able to achieve each of the client’s objectives. 

The Results

High reach and frequency of ads to target audience to build brand awareness 

 $19 Cost-per-lead, significantly lower than the goal

55% lead conversion rate, leading to increased small tool rentals and business revenue 


This client sought to build awareness & generate business for their new division among the construction audience. This was a long-standing client of ours, historically focused on single channel marketing. With BridgeTower Media’s assistance, the client expanded to use multiple channels of marketing & successfully launched a new line of business. As their partner throughout their growth, we continually utilized & optimized strategic marketing efforts to ensure the success of their new division. 

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