Arizona News Service is a multi-faceted Capitol news service that produces Arizona Capitol Times, Legislation On-Line Arizona (LOLA), Arizona Legislative Report, The Yellow Sheet Report,, Citizen Government Guide, Government Resource Directory, Book of Lobbyists, The Guide to the Legislature (The Green Book) and a host of other special publications and focus issues for the legislative, business and legal communities. ANS also hosts a number of events for the Capitol community including Best of the Capitol, Leaders of the Year in Public Policy, Meet the Candidates, Rock the Capitol: Meet the Freshmen, Morning Scoops and Capitol Roadshow. Arizona News Service was founded in 1906, six years before Arizona became a state.

The Arizona Capitol Times is known among Arizona politicos as the leading source of political news from the state Capitol and beyond. We highlight the most important issues of the moment, from a non-partisan and well-researched perspective that is critical to our readers.

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