Leading Corporate Law Firm Wins with In-House Counsel: A Success Story2024-05-09T15:36:58-04:00

Leading Corporate Law Firm Wins with In-House Counsel: A Success Story


We worked with a mid-size Corporate Law Firm providing legal services to corporations & businesses around the country in multiple industries.

Since their business relies on working with as many businesses as possible, they had a goal to increase their overall partnerships in 2023. With a goal to drive awareness of their firm & increase partnership opportunities among in-house counsel, they partnered with us as their trusted connection to corporate legal executives.

Our Objectives:

Increase Brand Awareness

Increase Brand Consideration

Increase Web Traffic 


We utilized our corporate legal executives and legal audience to reach our client’s goals. We formulated an omni-channel program to rapidly increase awareness of both their brand and their products. We scheduled an ongoing series of specifically targeted messaging, ads, webinars, emails, and more across all channels of communication to their target audience. Digital media and creative were optimized throughout the campaign for maximum performance.

The Results

 Increase in Brand Awareness through repeated, high-frequency exposure to the firm.

More business opportunities in six months than expected.  

More website traffic was produced through omni-channel marketing, ensuring total product understanding occurred amongst the target audience. 


Through our partnership and innovative marketing approach, this Corporate Law Firm successfully elevated its brand profile, generated new business prospects, and solidified its position as a leading provider of legal services for corporate clients. By leveraging the power of targeted communication and strategic alliances, the firm achieved its objectives and unlocked new avenues for growth within the competitive legal landscape.

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