Empowering Furniture Tech: Success with our Audience of Design Professionals – A Success Story2024-05-01T09:04:33-04:00

Empowering Furniture Tech: Success with our Audience of Design Professionals – A Success Story


A leading tech company launched a new shopping platform where Designers can make purchases from multiple manufacturers in one place with special discounts. This company was looking to get in front of interior designers in the U.S., positioning themselves as an innovator in the online shopping space, and getting designers to sign up for their free platform. As their trusted B2B partner, it was our mission to connect them with this audience.

Our Objectives:

Increase Brand Awareness

Increase Lead Generation

Position the company as a thought-leader


Our audience is made up of 75,000 designers, that we can connect with via multiple channels. We launched an omni-channel marketing strategy to reach and impact designers through digital display, email marketing, thought leadership, and print. By using multiple channels, we ensured we were able to cover all of their objectives. We also ensured we reached this audience everywhere they spend their time and build consideration for future decisions.  

The Results

75k+ Designers reached monthly to establish a consistent brand awareness

350+ Designer sign ups achieved in the first 90 days

Successful positioning of the company as an innovator


This client sought out to build brand awareness among the Designer audience. By partnering with BridgeTower Media, they were able to reach this niche audience on multiple channels. The repeated, frequent exposure of their message has resulted in a consistent stream of their ideal subscriber. As a result, this client continues to run these campaigns with us on an on-going basis.

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