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Tailored Marketing Solutions for Legal Tech Companies

At BridgeTower Media, we offer tailored marketing solutions that connect your legal tech business with an influential audience of industry leaders and executives. Our multi-channel approach ensures your message reaches key decision-makers across various channels and touchpoints, giving us deep insights into their needs and preferences. This enables us to tailor your marketing strategy for maximum impact and engagement.

Our Solutions Include:

Every interaction gives us deeper insights to connect you with the right businesses and executives, driving your business growth.

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Our Audience

Reach Over 640,000 Legal Professionals

  • 19M+ Opportunities Monthly: Each month, we have over 19 million opportunities to engage with legal professionals across multiple industries and markets nationwide.

  • Top Industries: We are the #1 source of industry news and intelligence in each market we operate in.

  • Decision-Makers Reached: We connect with decision-makers in law firms, corporate legal executives, and managing partners.
  • Multi-Channel Reach: Our connections span web, email, print, live events, webinars, social media, and more.


Our trusted relationships with this audience provide us with a comprehensive understanding of their needs and interests, ensuring your message resonates effectively.

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Legal Tech Company Wins with our Audience

A leading legal software provider partnered with us to connect with decision-makers in the legal space. By utilizing our omni-channel marketing strategy, they achieved:

  • 8x More Business Opportunities
  • 40% Lower Cost Per Lead
  • 5x Increase in Website Traffic
  • 2,000+ Leads in One Year

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Complimentary On-Demand Webinar

Stay ahead of industry changes with our free, on-demand webinar, ‘B2B Advertising in the Post-Third-Party Cookie Era,’ hosted by Kurt Hawks, Chief Digital and Revenue Officer at BridgeTower Media. In just 30 minutes, gain essential knowledge and strategies to adapt and thrive as Google phases out third-party cookies on Chrome by early 2025. This session provides actionable insights and expert guidance, helping you navigate this shift and refine your marketing strategies for continued success. Whether you’re an experienced B2B marketer or new to digital advertising, this webinar provides actionable insights and expert guidance to keep you ahead of the curve. Watch now to stay informed and enhance your strategies for success.

Reach 640,000 Legal Professionals to Drive Increased Sales- Guide

At BridgeTower Media, we are the leading source of authoritative news and intelligence in the legal space. Each month, legal tech companies collaborate with us to effectively reach their target audience. We have direct and trusted relationships with over 640,000 legal professionals, giving us a comprehensive understanding of who they are, where they work, and what matters most to them.

To help you leverage these insights, we are excited to share our latest eGuide, Get Your Marketing Right: New Strategies to Connect with Legal Professionals. In this guide, we examine hundreds of marketing campaigns targeting attorneys and managing partners, revealing what truly works to grow sales in the legal industry. From proven strategies to actionable insights, this guide is packed with valuable information to help you grow your business.

Connect with Legal Professionals: Your Ultimate Media Kit

Whether your goal is to increase brand awareness, tell your story, or capture motivated customer leads, BTM marketing experts will tailor an advertising plan to get your audience, message, placement, and timing right through the following solutions:

Digital Display Ads – Print Advertising – Social Advertising – Email Campaigns – Sponsored Content – Paid Search – Webinars – Event – Sponsorships

Our marketing team has extensive insights into our legal audience. Connect your legal tech company with our vast network of over 640,000 legal professionals. Our Media Kit outlines our solutions and provides essential information on partnering with us to reach this influential audience.