Connect With 94,000 Corporate Legal Executives to Drive Increased Sales 

Reaching corporate legal executives across channels, touchpoints and time is a proven way to drive brand awareness and significantly increase your legal software sales. And partnering with BridgeTower Media is the way to do it!

Over 94,000 Corporate legal executives rely on BridgeTower Media to understand critical issues impacting their business at the local and national level.

Each month we have 1.3M opportunities to engage with Corporate Legal Executives across a variety of industries.

These industries include banking, insurance, pharmaceutical, real estate, tech, manufacturing, health care and business services:

  • 4 out of the top 5 banks in the US.

  • Top 5 insurance companies in the US.

  • Top pharma companies in the US.

Direct and trusted relationships with each corporate legal executive results in a 360-degree view and provides a deep understanding of who he/she is, where he/she works, and what he/she cares about.


Drawing from experience across thousands of marketing campaigns, we’ve developed clear strategies and tactics about the best way to market your business. We’ve put together a complimentary marketing guide, Get Your Marketing Right: New Strategies to Connect with Corporate Legal Executives, where you will get the latest tips and tricks on how to tap into this valuable.


Download this free content now and get definitive advice for: 

  • Identifying your best prospects 
  • Crafting a message that compels a meaningful response

  • Developing a multi-channel communications plan

  • Timing your efforts for the best results

  • Best ways to measure success and optimize

As marketers, we must find ways of reaching our audience whenever and wherever they are most receptive to our stories. This simple guide provides many ideas and tips on how to reach and persuade target your audience.

In addition to advice on these critical topics, we’ve included case studies to demonstrate how effective programs can be when you get everything right.

By partnering with BTM, you will reach a verified audience of Corporate Legal Executives across the country. Get these great ideas and advice as you plan your next growth initiatives. Download your free copy of the guide immediately by filling out the form below. If you’d like, we can also connect you with an expert on the BridgeTower Media team to provide specific ideas and advice to help you achieve your goals.