Catalyzing Growth: Major Accounting Firm Partners with BridgeTower Media to Grow their B2B Business – A Success Story2024-05-09T15:32:28-04:00

Catalyzing Growth: Major Accounting Firm Partners with BridgeTower Media to Grow their B2B Business – A Success Story


A leading USA accounting firm offering auditing, tax preparation, and financial services, sought to expand its client base among enterprises and individuals with high net worth. This company was looking to build awareness of their products and services, increase web traffic, and position themselves as the favorable accounting firm to their target audience. As their trusted B2B partner, our mission was to connect them with this target audience. 

Our Objectives:

Build awareness about their products and services 

Increase web traffic

Position the company as the best accounting firm 


Using our first-party data to identify the exact target audience, we connected the firm to 470K+ business professionals. We launched an omni-channel marketing strategy to reach  decision-makers in these organizations, including digital display, email marketing, and event sponsorships. By using multiple channels, we were able to ensure we covered all the client’s objectives. This approach embraced repetition and frequency to build brand awareness and storytelling to build the client’s distinction in the market. Most importantly, we ensured we were getting these messages in front of the right audience.  

The Results

1.2 million display ads were delivered to website visitors of our authoritative business brands, leading to a steady increase in brand awareness. 

7.9K total clicks to landing pages of interest from email campaigns, indicating engagement with a quality audience.  

500+ attendees through panel discussions, positioning the firm as a thought leader in front of the desired audience. All attendees became leads for the client to follow up with.


This client aimed to raise awareness of their products and services among the business audience and to build a lead pipeline. By partnering with BridgeTower Media (BTM), they successfully reached this audience across multiple channels. This firm has continued to partner with BTM, spending over 70% of their marketing budget on digital efforts to reach our audience. This marks the 4th consecutive year that they have partnered consistently with us. 

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