BRIDGETOWER VIDEO STUDIOS can help you connect with prospective clients before your first phone call, email or office visit even takes place.So when you get there, they already know who you are, and what you have to offer.

Did you know that 59% of executives agree that if both text and video are available on the same topic, they are more likely to choose a firm that uses video?

THERE IS NO BETTER MEDIUM than video to convey knowledge and exhibit authority in your areas of expertise, and no easier way to reach your market with such great results

Marketers who use video grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users.

We offer:

  • High-definition, TV quality videos that you can use as the centerpiece on your firm’s website
  • Shoot preparation w/our team
  • On-site video at your office
  • One professional videographer
  • Professional lighting and recorded audio
  • Animated logo and contact placement in front and end of piece
  • Video is optimized for distribution on all platforms like YouTube, Facebook and television
  • Video delivered within 4-6 weeks of the shoot

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